How Did Benjamin Franklin Designed Gadgets?

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Did you know that Benjamin Franklin designed gadgets such as the first flexible urinary catheter, and an odometer for his carriage? Benjamin Franklin was genius tinker, diplomat, inventor and philosopher. Though he was removed from school at the age ten, receiving only two years of formal education, he went on to speak various languages fluently, play chess, and even design gadgets such as odometers and Franklin stoves. He was an all-around self-taught genius that could never be satisfied. He made discoveries about electricity, and used his newfound knowledge to design and built gadgets such as the lightning-rod, which is something that, despite its age, is still an effective method of protection against lightning. He even designed the first…show more content…
He invented gadgets as simple as the log arm, which was simply a wooden pole with a type of “hand” at the end to grasp books on high shelves, to the odometer, which measured the revolutions of the wheel on his carriage so he could calculate the distance between places. He also developed the Franklin Stove, which radiated more heat than traditional fireplaces while using less fuel, producing less smoke, and radiating heat long after the fire went out thanks to its metal-lined walls. He made the first flexible urinary catheter for his brother, who suffered from kidney stones and the first bifocals. He made the bifocal by “spitting” the lens frame into two half-circle shapes. Then he would install lenses for reading on the bottom half and lenses for seeing things that were far away on the top…show more content…
He invented gadgets to help him learn and preform everyday tasks more efficiently. He was a great writer, evidenced by works such as Poor Richard’s Almanac and the 14 letter published under the “Silence Dogood” pen-name. He was a man of the people, establishing fire departments and helping fund programs to light, pave, and clean the roads. He was great diplomat, one who helped write the Declaration of Independence and became America’s first ambassador in France from 1776 until 1785. He was a self-taught, self-made, all around genius, and one we should study and learn from

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