How Did Andrew Jackson Contribute To Influence History?

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History has had numerous leaders that left the mark in America and one of them was Martin Van Buren. The peaceful honorable president, Democrat, state secretary, and vice president is just a few of the words used to describe great man like Martin Van Buren that many achievements throughout his time in history. Van Buren had a great interest in politics at around the time he was seventeen. He then became a lawyer and as his interest in politics grew he became the state senator of New York. As the years passed as a senator of New York he then became the senator of the United States, were he met Andrew Jackson, who was president at the time. In addition, as U.S. Senator Van Buren worked with Jackson a lot becoming close allies. Afterwards, Van Buren was elected Secretary of State by none other than Andrew Jackson, the president, himself. Becoming Secretary of State led Van Buren to influence history by serving alongside Andrew Jackson. Once as Secretary of State Van Buren was able to come to an agreement with Great Britain that allowed the United States to trade goods with the British West Indies. Another…show more content…
Furthermore, Van Buren helped create the first political party with Andrew Jackson and named it the Democratic Party. As a part of the Democratic Party there was also the first National Convention that nominated the candidates, and it was all because of the team up that Van Buren and Andrew Jackson had that made it possible for Van Buren to become Vice president. In addition, Van Buren now as vice president helped stop an impending war with France because France had broken the agreement that was made in 1832, failed to comply with the payment. In other words Van Buren has influenced history and is recognized for his abounding
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