How Did All New Ideas And Inventions Spread Throughout The World?

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The Renaissance was a time period that began in the fourteen hundreds up to the seventeen hundreds following the Middle Ages. This new period regenerated interests in the classical past, as well as gave rebirth to a new creative era. A new era that brought forth the ideas of humanism and Neo-Platonism, as well as new techniques in the fields of art and literature. However, the question is, how did all these new ideas and inventions spread throughout the world? First off, unlike the middle Ages, which was the Age of Faith, where the point of human existence was to find salvation, the Renaissance was secular and man-centered . Starting in Italian city-states that had prospered in the Middle Ages through trade, with the Renaissance began the idea of “Humanism”. Humanism was the strong belief that the present was attributed to the past, and that by re-examining history they would be able to not only learn from past mistakes but also grow towards the future. Although at the time majority of the people in Italy were Christians, with this movement people began to depend on their human intelligence instead of God, taking matters into their own hands instead of what had been the accustomed “everything in the Lord’s timing.” The “father of Humanism”, Francisco Petrarch (1304-1374) began this movement with his desire to learn about the past through the study of classical works such as those by Livy, or Cicero. He believed that by leaning about their Roman and Greek heritage, that they could learn why these once mighty civilization had fallen and learn from their mistakes. Just how Humanism started, the Renaissance also brought forth the idea of Neo-Platonism, which was an effort to blend astrology and classical thinking with Christian doc... ... middle of paper ... ...the sun and that with the earth many other planets revolved around it. In conclusion, the Renaissance until this day continues to be one of the most creative eras in history. In this time period not only was their a rebirth of interests such as in classical history and their heritage, but it was also the beginning of new creative ideas such as those of Humanism, Neo-Platonism, new techniques of art, making art more realistic, filled with emotion, as well as, a resurgence in literature, in plays no longer being God-centered but instead making man the focus of these stories. With the help of the printing press and the dawn of exploration, these new ideas spread throughout the world, changing what once had been an age of God-centered thinking and the search of salvation to an age of creativity and the idea that man had no limits to what they could accomplish.

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