How Did Abraham Lincoln's Impact On America

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Abraham Lincoln’s presidency impacted America in various ways, some for the best and others, for worse. Before his presidency, Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and a state representative. Lincoln wanted to take a higher position in politics so he ran to become a senator in Illinois. Lincoln came in strong and truthful, stating that he was antislavery which wasn’t well liked in the south. His opponent, Douglas, opted for popular sovereignty. Unfortunately for Lincoln, he didn’t win. However Lincoln did benefit a lot from running for senator. Since Lincoln took the chance of running for senator in Illinois it made him know nationwide because of his beliefs which made him the face of moral antislavery. Lincoln believed that slavery is wrong and it shouldn’t be any more however, he wasn’t an extremist or and abolitionist. Lincoln ended up taking his “fame” and running for president of the United States. Many citizens of the United States did not want Lincoln to become president, majority of those people being in the south. Lincoln’s beliefs were not well liked within the southern states. However Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860 making him the 16th president of the United States. But with becoming president, Lincoln had to try to keep the United States as one …show more content…

At Fort Sumter in South Carolina on April 12-14, 1861, Confederates opened fire on Union soldiers. Fort Sumter was a focal point of the secession for both the North and the South. Fort Sumter held important symbolism for either side concerning this conflict. This incident is what started the American civil war. After Fort Sumter, the defenses on both side become stronger and Lincoln started to ask people up north to volunteer for the war. While this chaotic scene was going on, the upper southern states also seceded. Those states were: Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and North

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  • Analyzes how lincoln's personal/moral beliefs and presidency helped shape american history and caused a series of events.
  • Explains that when lincoln was elected, tensions between the north and south were high. south carolina seceded from the union on december 20, 1860.
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