How Deaf Students Choose Their Career

Deaf students should choose their career more carefully than normal students. Normal students can choose one from all careers, but Deaf students couldn’t so. Since all of careers are given to normal people. Deaf are able to specialize on almost all of careers, but they can’t work some working area. Sometimes it makes a barrier to choose a career for Deaf students. From this, Deaf students should become to do brainwork, and do more research on careers than normal people. If deaf students have chose wrong careers, it is hard to get a good job even they had get higher grades. Therefore, Deaf students should choose correct careers, especially their career should be fit with their future jobs.

I have some good ideas for choosing good careers to the Deaf students.

1. Choose a career that you really want and like to do. According to survey, people who likes in their career almost never bored from their jobs.

2. First do research, and become knowledgeable about careers, then find your career, and think critically about the bad or good side of your chose career.

3. Imagine where will you work after you graduate from a university.

4. Consider your talent. Most of people, who succeeded on their business, usually worked to follow their talent.

5. Look at the human resource of your chose career. If there are full of professionals, think that you can be better than them for your ability.

6. Do not think that you are deaf and it is hard to choose a career and get a job. Deaf are able to possess most of careers.

In my opinion, social career might be not good for Deaf people, in lieu of it realistic, investigative, artistic, and enterprising careers might be more successful. Although, there are deaf doctors, lawyers, and politicians in some countries, it depends on their native country’s development, and the number of Deaf inhabitants.

There are some ways such as to discuss with people, read information, and use network or other resources to find a career. Arguing about careers with people such as your family’s member, friends, co-workers, and even school career counselors is may good way to choose a correct career. Also working experience can be the greatest influence to choose a career for the deaf. Since, Deaf students tend to more embrace something that they are seeing than something that they heard indirectly. That is why, many students choose their career while they are studying or working.

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