How Dangerous The Use Of Pesticides In Silent Spring, By Rachel Carson

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Rachel Carson’s Rachel Carson decides to write Silent Spring and in it she decides to start the environmental movement. There she informs the public of how dangerous the use of pesticides can be and is able to get people to see the harm they cause to the environment. During that time the pesticide that caused so much worriment was DDT or Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. DDT is a pesticide created by Paul Herman Muller, which won a Nobel Prize in Physiology Medicine. At that time no research was made on DDT and the damages it could have to the environment. DDT became very popular during the World War 2 and was used to kill any diseases or lice the troop would have. They became aware of how much potential this pesticide had. They started producing almost 3 million pounds a month. DDT is a pesticide that does not break down into a harmless chemical so when used it passes directly unto our food chain causing danger to it. DDT can be easily passed on through our food chain. When it is sprayed into our crops and an insect eats from that crop it absorbs it. Then a bigger insects eats that insect he then gets it from it. Then a bird eats that insect and absorbs it from the bigger insect and so on until it goes thru our food chain damaging…show more content…
It is still unknown to what extent the environmental effects it had when it was being used. Rachel Carson made it possible for the nation to see all the effects it was causing in Silent Spring. Even though at first Carson met with controversy she won the public by her research and the government backing her up. The government researched using their agencies to protect the environment and finding out if she was accurate in her research. Rachel Carson started an environmental movement that still goes on today with the publication of her book Silent Spring. Rachel Carson has been an inspiration to
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