How Cloud Computing Works

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At first glance “The Cloud” appears to be magical but like a visit to “The Great and Powerful OZ’ when you look deeper you find that there is more to it behind the curtain. The cloud is not magic; it is actually a real delivery system with a structure that makes the whole thing work. Cloud computing is defined by the Investopedia online dictionary as a model for delivering data and software stored in servers that is retrieved from the internet through web-based tools and applications, rather than a direct connection to a server. When you get down to the very basics cloud computing and the traditional client/server have similar structure and functions. However, instead of purchasing and maintaining large and costly in-house servers the cloud computing structure allows access to information as long as there is access to the internet. It is because of this that “The Cloud” is growing in popularity. This model uses a combination of the internet and central remote servers to store and maintain data along with applications. This allows the public and business sectors to use applications without installation and provide access to files from any computer with internet access. This allows for a higher level of effectiveness by the centralization of storage, memory, processing and bandwidth. In the cloud computing model the customers do not own the physical infrastructure; instead they can save on cost by renting usage from a third-party provider. The resources are provided as a service and the customer pays for the amount of resources that they use. As the customer you no longer need to keep a server and storage, you save on in house technical support to keep a system up and running and provide upgrades. When you want to use a business ... ... middle of paper ... ... that the usage is metered and the customer pays only for what they consume. I believe that cloud computing is a natural step in the evolution of computing and will always having its roots in the client/server network. Works Cited Strickland, Jonathan. "How Cloud Computing Works” 08 April 2008. 21 February 2014 Investopedia Dictionary (n.d.). Retrieved from Morrison, C. (2013, December 16). Retrieved from Cloud computing explained-cloud computing basics. (n.d.). Retrieved from WHAT ARE DEPLOYMENT MODELS IN CLOUD COMPUTING? Retrieved from
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