How Cell Phones Have Changed Society Essay

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How our phones have changed society You are on it every day. It has become a habit to check it every few hours or even every hour. Have our cell phones taken over our life? “Ninety-one percent of American adults and 60 percent of teens own this device that has revolutionized communication in the 21st century — the cellphone” (“5 Reasons Why”). That’s a lot people who own one type of technology. Some think that phones may be ruining our life, but others think that they have helped us connect to others by making texting, calling, and access to social media, a lot easier than in the past. Are cell phones really helping us, or just hurting us? Today, we can see what everyone is up to with just one click of the multiple social media apps on our…show more content…
Is this really what our life is coming too? Do we really care that much if we miss one thing that someone else said or did. Our lives revolve around what other people are doing and saying. But why do we care so much? Every single one of us wants something that others have, maybe it’s the thin waist, or the nice car, but we all want the life we don’t have. But why is that? Why do we care so much? It is just like when you go to the hair dresser and complain to them that you wish your hair was curly or straight; you wish your hair was the way it’s not. Everyone wants what they don’t or can’t have. We all long for something we don’t have, but instead of going and reaching for it we sit on our phones and play the “life’s not fair…show more content…
With only “160 characters per message. To increase the amount of information they could cram into each message and save time on tapping them out, people started inserting abbreviations, skipping punctuation and using phonetic spelling” (“How Cell Phones”). When writing formal papers we all know that we have to spell out words, but some of the texting language have become a habit that slips into our writing every once and a while, and we have started talking and writing in this texting language as well. This has made our talking and writing informal and we are beginning to lose the original language. Another downfall to texting found by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, “the risk of being involved in a car accident rises dramatically when cell phones are involved; the lives of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists are endangered daily by irresponsible people who are too distracted by their phone to pay attention to the road” (“How Cell Phones”). It really is sad that we continue to look at our phones even though we know we risk not only ending our lives but the lives of others as

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