How Can Your Brain Power?

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How to Boost Your Brain Power Brain is a very powerful body organ that requires a lot of care, this is because what an person eat affects the mood, brain, weight and hearts. Studies show that certain food has specific nutrients and vitamins that help to improve brain memory and power. An person can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s and further brain decline in later years by improving his brain health and function following these key changes: Do Exercise to improve Brain Focus-Studies show that brain focus can deteriorate as a result of bad habits, general health and distractions. On the other hand, simple exercise and strategies can overcome these impediments. Many games on the internet can improve brain health and function as follows: 1. An person can focus on sensory channel by listening to the faintest sound while eyes closed. 2. Focus attention on the smallest details, vision, color and pattern. 3. Wherenever someone is talking focus the eyes on wall (something blank) to increase attention on words. While reading focus completely on the real pages and writting, imagining a tone is playing from every letter. 4. An each need to play other games that demands mental manipulation and concentration. Add numbers while seeing addresses and drive along buildings and try to multiply them. 5. A person needs to reflect about every part of the reading. Focus is bound to increase when more attention is poured on the read subject. Applying this during conversation can prove helpful. A person needs to see the words and listen to them, while reading them aloud. 6. Put Hand into work-Research shows that putting non-dominant opposing hands into daily tasks improves brain health and function. Task that requires using fingers like build... ... middle of paper ... ...y strong. 2. Brain food high in beta-carotene is pumpkins, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, spinach and mangoes. 3. Carbohydrates (glucose) is the best energy for brain. 4. When an individual eat heavy meal rich in fats, digestion is possible using blood sent to the stomach. This will cause less circulation of blood in the brain for it to function properly function. 5. Brain food high in vitamin C are grapefruit juice, orange juice, papaya, kiwi, oranges, red peppers and strawberries. 6. Processed junk foods are the worst brain food. These include processed bread, sugary cereals, pies, cakes, and other treats full with chemicals. Finally, it is good to add brain food in every meal; this helps the brain to remain focused throughout the day. Brain can continually remain focus and fueled for long when snacking on brain food is constantly practiced.
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