How Can We Deal with the Problem of Illegal Immigration

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How Can We Deal With The Problem Of Illegal Immigration?
Being here as an illegal immigrant is a huge problem. Tax payer’s money pays for their medical bills, the jails, and deportation back to where they came from. Our jobs and identities are being taken away as well. Coming to the United States is seen as an advantage to get ahead in life for most other countries. When they take advantage of breaking the system it effects the citizens more so than it does them. There are several people who came here and worked hard to get their citizenship the legal way. When it seems the government is letting them get away with breaking the law it attracts more people to come here illegally.
Illegal immigration refers to the action of people migrating across the national borders in such a way that is in violation of the migration laws of the country or state in question. The activity of illegal immigration is always an overwhelming upwards, where people move from the poor into the richer countries (Dempsey, 2012). One measurable initiative in determining the rate of immigration is the push-pull incentive, which looks at the quality of life present in the host county or state against the quality of life present in the home country of the immigrants. It is also important to note that illegal immigrants are not the poorest people among the populations (Broyles & Haynes, 2010). It thus leads to the thesis that, when the potential immigrants believe that their chances of successfully migrating are greater than the possible risks or costs, illegal immigration becomes an option. This paper is going to look at the possible ways of dealing with the problem of illegal immigration.
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