How Can One Become a Hindu Practitioner?

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Growing up I had two family friends that were Hindu. Since then one of two friends converted to Christianity because of marriage. As a kid I thought Hinduism and Buddhism were similar but I knew they were both from the same country. Hinduism shares some similar ideas and practices as Buddhism and Jainism dharma. They were always in search of enlightenment, its purpose to get as far as possible from imperfection. Hinduism has reached a plateau of being bigger religion and dominant more than Buddhism in India. Hinduism encompasses popular south Asian polytheism and elite Sanskrit traditions. Hinduism is one of the third largest religions in the world. 900 million in India alone and is influential in southeast and central Asia. Known as Santana-Dharma, Hinduism consists of many diverse traditions. Hinduism is the oldest living religion and has no founder or date of conception. It is a timeless religion and always existed. Hinduism can be traced to the ancient Indus valley civilization. It is a dynamic religion that continues to evolve today. Because of colonialism the word Hinduism was coined in English in 1830 to describe the practice of the people across the river. It is a huge ideology, of religious, philosophical, and cultural ideas, and practices that originated in India. Some would argue that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. Since no one knows who originated Hinduism and the word has been coined by foreigners, scholars believe that Hinduism been around circa 10000 B.C. Hinduism is One of the most complex of all living historical religion. Because of the flexibility of the religion allowed it to last so long, but amassed a bunch of contradictions. Just as for India, Hinduism has a big following in United ...

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...nd”. The devotion usually takes form of rituals and practices with sculptures or images of the gods in the house. Hinduism is kind of similar to Buddhism because as a kid and up to now my mother has images and sculptures of Buddha in her house.

How can one become a Hindu practitioner? Can anyone become Hindu? I’m pretty sure the Indian people frown upon people converting to Hinduism but there is no law stating you can’t. You would have to follow the religious guidance of Vedic scriptures. It would be a wise idea to familiarize yourself with the inner teachings. One thing you’ll have to give up eating meat because the cow is sacred to Hindu people and I learned that when I was young. A Hindu strives for four goals in life wealth, right conduct, desires, and release from the cycle of rebirth. These goals have to be pursued in balance or life goes out of balance.

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