How Can Journalism Survive Facebook?: How Can Journalism Survive Facebook?

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How can journalism survive Facebook? The evolution of technologies and its current applications is at a lightning pace and has caused alterations to the media landscape in the modern world which led to transformations that sometimes media companies or news organisations can keep up with (Kaul, 2012). “Customer is king” mentioned in Kaul (2012) research article became the new operational model in the media industry and the transition of media contents from traditional media to new media. New media has caused the change in the media consumption habits of people, giving ordinary people the ability to control what media contents to consume and provides empowerment to them which was not possible in the past. Facebook is a new media which allows…show more content…
News organisations, however has integrated Facebook into their news production process (Hille & Bakker, 2013). Traditional journalists used Facebook as a media library where materials submitted by citizens are used to complement their news stories (Access/ Observation). Selection/ Filtering and Processing/ Editing are still determined solely by traditional jounalists (Hermida et al., 2011; Domingo et al., 2008; Hille & Bakker, 2013). Participatory journalism only comes in during the distribution and interpretation stage where citizens are allowed to distribute news contents via their Facebook accounts or blogs and faciliate issues discussions on the news stories (Hermida et al., 2011; Domingo et al., 2008; Hille & Bakker, 2013). The above description is based on the theoretical model of news production process ((Hermida et al., 2011; Domingo et al., 2008; Hille & Bakker, 2013). Facebook, in this context, provide a platform for interactions between news organisations and its audiences, giving audiences a voice and acquire public opinions on the issues presented by news organisations thus it is not a technology which drives journalism to extinction but assist to improve the quality of journalism and abolishing one-way communication between news organisations to
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