How Can Increased Knowledge Regarding The Related Consequences Of Low Ses Impact The Way You Go About Your Work

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1. How can increased knowledge regarding the related consequences of low SES impact the way you go about your work? As Leavitt (2010) discussed about a linear relationship between social economic status(SES) and health. The implication of low SES on health and accessibility to comprehensive healthcare services is tremendous. It’s a vicious circle resulting in marginalization and injustice. The increased knowledge about consequences of low SES can help practitioners to understand the impact of low SES on accessibility to healthcare services, lifestyle, occupations, and basic amenities (food and shelter). Further, the awareness could aid practitioners in developing interventions that are realistic and client-centered. For example, the client cannot afford to purchase an equipment (shower bench) or follow through with recommendations (fix grab bars inside bath tub) due to socioeconomic status. As practitioners we need to think out of box and come up with an alternative that is affordable and collaborating with interdisciplinary team (social worker, case manager) to provide resources to community programs. During my bachelor’s program(India), we had a course on community rehabilitation that focused on using everyday materials to build adaptive equipment for clients in rural parts of India. During one of the workshop we were taught to convert a plastic chair into over-the-commode chair (We used heat gun to melt the plastic and made a hole in the chair). 2. Why might patients tend to avoid reporting their use of CAMS to Medical professionals? Patients might tend to avoid reporting their use of CAM because they might feel that healthcare professionals may not understand their beliefs on CAM or disapprove it. Secondly, some CAM heal a... ... middle of paper ... ...rst moved to America, I lived with a Caucasian roommate who warned me to be careful of dark-colored homeless men as they mug people. Since then, I became wary of dark-colored homeless men. Overtime, my perception towards homeless people changes and I felt embarrassed to even think of them as muggers. After the release of Slumdog Millionaire (American movie captured in India-Mumbai), people kept asking me if India(Mumbai) is so poor and filthy and whether I grew up in poverty. The movie portrayed some of the worst places in Mumbai. Though, some parts of Mumbai are filthy and world’s largest slum is located in Mumbai. It is also the wealthiest city in central, west and east Asia. As Adichie described that a single story is often incomplete and mostly from one perspective. Being open-minded will help us individuals and practitioners to be unbiased of others cultures.

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