How Can I Get Him to Do His Homework?

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How Can I Get Him to Do His Homework?

"The choices you make today determine the choices you get to make tomorrow." When determining the best way to get Student N to complete his homework on a nightly basis rather than putting it off altogether, I inquired about what would get him motivated quickly. Student N rarely did his homework and so his grades were being affected. When I first came to his classroom I immediately noticed Student N was extremely engaged in the lessons and was an active participant in classroom discussions, but when it came to homework there was absolutely no enthusiasm.

I took it upon myself to determine the reasoning behind Student N’s anti-interest in after school work. My research was completely discrete and extremely casual. I simply wanted to find out what kept Student N from doing any homework and what steps we could take to get his grades back on track. Homework, for any grade or subject is extremely important. Homework is a way to bring parents into the school setting and enhance learning that took place during the day. Homework is vital to any student as they are reinforcing the information they learned throughout the day. As a beginning teacher I feel strongly about the effects of homework and don’t feel that it should be overlooked by students, parents or even teachers. Although a student should have adequate time to spend with family and friends, it is important that they realize learning doesn’t end when the bell rings for dismissal.

Literature Review

In order to increase the amount of homework Student N does a variety of approaches and techniques must be considered before prescribing the appropriate anecdote. Student choice is understood to boost student motivation thus improving aspects of their classroom performance. Hess and Cluck found that student motivation could be increased through multiple intelligences—and they have a plan! “The lack of motivation became evident as observed in incomplete assignments, low-test scores, and disinterest in subject matter. A review of the literature indicated motivation to learn is a problem nationwide. Students need to be self-motivated since extrinsic rewards may be counter-productive.” (Hess et al.) Both my methods and idea for this imparticular inquiry came from Hess and Cluck’s findings. Motivation could be increased through multiple intelligences and thus I set off on my research.
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