How Can Homeless People Be Homeless?

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"43.1 million 2015, down by 3.5 million from 2014"(Greenblatt). This is the number of people subjected to not having a stable place to call home, about 13% of the American population. Not only are these people looked down upon from other members of society, they also do not receive as much consideration and care for their day-to-day needs. Most of the homeless people living in the United States have an unacceptably lower standard of living than the average American due to receiving fewer job opportunities, having poor physical health, and being psychologically ill. Many people who are homeless have more obstacles when attempting to obtain conventional jobs. Employers will judge those in this situation based solely on appearance, an unfair result of being…show more content…
For much of the homeless population, buying condoms and other types of contraception are seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. This results in unprotected sex which can cause sexually transmitted infections, or STIs. These STIs are often accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and can even be life-threatening. Without the help of a medical professional, those homeless people will suffer through an otherwise preventable and treatable condition. Additionally, those without the guidance of a medical professional may be subject to contracting infections from open wounds. This is due to not being able to obtain medication for said wounds or not being able to receive treatment, such as stitches, for the wounds. The environment that these people live in are often subject to dangerous hazards that are able to cause such problems. Furthermore, many of the homeless people are not able to get dental care. Whether it be going to the dentist or simply obtaining tooth brushes, many of these people once again view these basic needs as a luxury, therefore causing them to not get the supplies that they
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