How Can A Grandfather Lost My Grandfather

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My family like every other has the tradition of getting together to celebrate news years, but this time it was very different from previous years. He looked tired, he was not hungry, and had lost his glasses, he was wearing other pair of glasses that we don’t even know where he got them from. He was a very strong and very lively man, having spent more than 20 years without the love of his life (my grandmother who died before I was born) I unexpectedly lost the man who was like a father to me, I lost the man who advised me no matter what it was about, I lost my grandfather. I considered him like a father to me because unfortunately 9 years ago I also lost my father due to a heart attack.
My grandfather lost my grandmother over 20 years ago, I never knew her she died before I was born, since then my grandfather lived only for his children, his story is very interesting and when I remember and start to think about him I always evoke the good person he was. He had a very sad childhood though, because of the fact that he lost his mother when he was just 10 years old, he was the only boy and
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He would also helped my mom since she stayed widow alone with me and my siblings. It was very hard for my mom for me and my brothers the death of my grandfather, obviously the entire family was affected, but I doubt it affected them the way it affected us, due to the fact that my grandfather always treated us very special. I had so much affection for him, I could not believe it until I saw him in his coffin at his funeral. I Cried and cried, I could not believe that after seeing him well and healthy in Christmas, everything changed due to a matter of days in New Years were he looked so different, my grandfather died of cardiorespiratory arrest at 84 years of

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