How Business Stay Ahead in Today's World

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In today’s world, businesses have to keep 3 steps ahead. With the rapid, changing pace of today, if a business does not stay flexible and sustainable. In this book a focus on how an organization can be sustainable is emphasized. Starting with an opening review over the business management history that covers the business, social, and economical backgrounds. The book. The book opens with 3 major pillars for organizations: Command and Control Organizations, High Involvement Organizations, and the approach that the book will focus on Sustainable Management Organizations. Now in the beginning the book points out the flaws that these first 2 pillars carry with them, but then launches forward in describing the importance and how to for Sustainable Management Organizations. With this new Sustainable Management Organization approach, organization can employ the concepts of not fearing change, embracing it, valuing their people, both employed and served, actively supporting social well-being, and considering the communities in which they operate equal to the profits and bottom lines they seek to achieve. The Sustainable Management Organization’s concepts of “Organizational effectiveness” and the four core issues to “The Way Organizations Are Managed” are introduced in this section, and are the key theories conversed throughout the rest of the book. Organizational effectiveness states sustainable effectiveness should be achieved in three areas: people, planet, and profit, also known as the “triple-bottom line.” The performance should be assessed using two questions. “How does the organization spawn sustainable effects and act rationally and responsibly toward all investors?” and “Can the organization sustain usefulness?” The four core...

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...skills. There is a different formula for each organizations. What works for one may just as well not work for the other, but is extremely imperative that businesses keep an eye open for their shot at making extraordinary profits.

In conclusion, businesses should strive to become sustainable management organizations. It is important that they keep their people happy first, that they keep their community and environment in mind when performing business, and that they maneuver their practice around to make the highest profits possible. These are the key issues associated with becoming a sustainable management organizations. The transformation will be forming a new identity and using large interventions to help steer and accelerate the change in the right direction. If followed correctly, organizations will have taken their first step in achieving success.

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