How Business Ethics Are Implementation Of A Business Code?

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In topic 1, I will discuss about business codes. Before I discuss about business codes, I will explain to you ‘what is ethics’, Ethics are beliefs about what is right and wrong, or good and bad in activities that affect others. Nowadays, the business is growing and requires better management. No doubt, business ethics has a very big role in it. Applying consistent business ethics can realize a healthy business climate, efficient and transparent is one of the major contributions that can be provided by the business to encourage the creation of an efficient market, transparent and able to provide great benefits for all stakeholders. business ethics have similar meaning to the business codes that distinguish between them is if business ethics…show more content…
Every company has a vision and mission. The vision and mission is a written statement for the purposes of business activities. Obviously, the activities planned and programmed can be achieved with the existence of good business codes system. Besides it, it's necessary to form good team cooperation with various parties, especially of all employees and top management. Implementation of Good business codes is the foundation for the establishment of a system, structure, and culture of the company that adaptive with the changes in the business environment and also increasingly competitive and able to build a system of internal control and good risk management. Implementation of Good business codes is believed capable of strengthening the competitive position of the company, managing resources and risk more efficiently and effectively, increasing corporate value and investor confidence, as well as the competitiveness of the company continuously. In business codes applies the principles which should be followed by the company including the manager, employees, shareholder, etc. Business codes has principles that must be taken by the company to achieve its goals and should be used as guidelines in order to have a standard that prevents the onset of lameness in view of moral ethics as a standard work . Business codes are important for the people in a company. A good business codes include rights to fair wages and decent, fair here does not mean that workers receive equal pay everything, but also based on the level of work experience, as well as company / organization must comply with the minimum wage set by the government. also, most importantly, education and job training, or the provision of maternity
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