How Batman Got smoked

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A Tale of Life, Death and Hot Cheetos Chapter 1 The Beginning I belive that Smokey didn’t really kill Batman, I through my undisclosed sources have learned that it was the crab mob. You see, batman was a crab of deep and long-lasting dept to the crab godfather. Batman went through hard times, just as any other crab does. But unlike many other crabs, he borrowed 1,000 and decided he wasn’t going to pay him back. That’s when the trouble started, the mob took “aim” and Batman got hit. Chapter 2 First Impressions From the moment Batman arrived at room 318, Smokey could tell that they wouldn’t get along well. Batman had that hoity-toity stuck-up kind of attitude that Smokey just couldn’t stand. Plus he hogged the sponge, how rude! Wait, Wait, Wait, this story wouldn’t be any good without explaining Batman’s view of Smokey, so here we go… Batman didn’t think it would cause any problems if he took an extra sip from that soft yellow sponge every once in a while, because it shouldn’t. It’s not like it had Smokey’s name on it or anything and he just couldn’t help it if he liked that high quality king of life style, that’s the way he was raised! It wasn’t like Smokey was any kind of Saint either. He hogged the cave that batman had come to love. The meanest thing about this piggish behavior is Smokey secretly hated the cave, he just slept there to make Batman mad! Chapter 3 The Clash It was a half day for the students at Jackson Park. At about 3:45 Mrs.Bakeman left the room for a staff meeting. She wasn’t due back until 4:50 but the door reopened at 4:10 and two small crabs walked in dressed all in black. They spoke in heavy stereotypical Italian voices, “Mr. Batman, we are here to collect our dues!” “Wha…” Batman’s stammer was cut short by gun fire. BAM! BAM! BAM! The two crabs had shot up Mrs.Bakeman’s glasses resembling Shi Tzu chew marks. The crabs waltzed over to the 50 gallon aquarium just as Smokey retreated into the cave, typical. Anyway after the black suited crustations took the ten minute trek up the side of the tank they made there way over to Batman. “Nice place you got here,” one of the crabs commented flatly, “Pity you wont be enjoying it much longer.” “Huh?” It took several seconds for it to click in Batman’s head. The god father sent his goons to get me, he thought out loud.

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