How Barbie Changed The World

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“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie World” a popular tune from the song Barbie World by Aqua. Barbie is the most known dolls in the world so it’s no surprise that she has a song about her, nine out of ten people know who Barbie is by just seeing a picture of her (Docterman). Most girls grew up playing Barbie and are clueless about her origin. Ruth Handler is the inventor of Barbie. Ruth is a hard working women who, with the help of her family, created a doll that change the world. Barbie changed the lives of any young girl who played with, she gives them the chance to play out their own destiny. Barbie was not the first doll to be invented for young girls. For years young girls play with dolls, mimicking their mothers and preparing for the time in their lives when they are mothers. Young girls would play with flimsy two dimensional paper dolls or baby dolls. Changing the outfits on a paper doll was near impossible to do without ripping the paper and baby dolls seemed a little childish when girls got to a certain age. Other types of dolls that were around prior to Barbie are glamour dolls. Glamour dolls were dolls that replicated the face and body of a young girls with the twist of the doll wearing ornate…show more content…
Her first outfit was a black and white striped bathing suit. She was assorized with black high-heels and white sunglasses (Crosley). Barbie also can out with her own controversy. Multiple feminist groups criticized Barbie with her petite waist and large breast (Time Life, 54). They believed that Barbie placed a unobtainable pressure on young girls to look like Barbie. Of course this expectation was hard to meet, Barbie’s estimated height and weight is 5ft. 9in and 110 lbs. During a woman’s strike for equality the signs the used read, “I Am Not a Barbie Doll”, (Docterman). Although some feminist thought Barbie gave girls too high of standards, Ruth had another goal in mind for
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