How Bacteria Affect Bacteria

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The beginning of the video summarized the main idea by explaining the current overuse and misuse of antibiotics and antimicrobial agents and how these affect bacteria and us. First, the video explained that viruses and bacteria can both make us sick but they are different. Viruses and bacteria cannot both be treated with antibiotics. Viruses need a host cell, are smaller, and unable to be treated with use of antibiotics. Bacteria are larger, independent living, have generation time of 20-30 minutes, and unlike viruses, many play an important role in our environment. The video then explained that when Alexander Fleming and other scientist first discovered Penicillium they were able to treat infection during a time when soldiers were fighting…show more content…
Soon the idea to sterilize ourselves and our homes was common practice. This idea can be dangerous because some antimicrobial agents kill all bacteria, even the harmless bacteria that we need. Not only do antimicrobial agents kill all bacteria it encounters, but different agents can kill a different amount of bacteria. Non-residue antimicrobial agents dry quicker and kill less than residue leaving agents. One example is Triclosan which has been found in water, breastmilk, and other sources. With antimicrobial agents found almost everywhere we are creating an environment where bacteria are adapting and becoming resistant despite our efforts to prevent…show more content…
The video then gave an example of a lady in June 2002 who was first diagnosed with VERSA infection in the USA. The video explained the concern about the pathogen because not much was known about the rate of transmission, or even, the bacteria itself. In conclusion of the video it explained how different states and organizations are being formed to help combat the growing problem. If current trends continue we could have no working antibiotics in as soon as 5-10 years. There is an effort to educate people about the importance of prevention of infection in the form of immunizations, proper handwashing, good hygiene, healthy diet, exercise, and healthy amount of sleep. The goal is to decrease the use of antibiotics and antimicrobial agents in order to prevent more superbugs from developing and completely eradicating our current antibiotic
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