How Art Affects and Shapes Society

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Through the use of different type of media, art is capable of represent creativity, beauty, functionality, emotions and ideas. For instance, one of the oldest art media is painting, the practice of applying paint, pigment, color, or other medium to a flat surface.
The different ways of paintings are encaustic, tempera, fresco, oil, acrylic, watercolor and gauche. Furthermore, painting is considered, along with sculpture, as “high art.” Also, the article Some Thoughts on Painting by Lucian Freud, explains the purpose of painting, which is to communicate its own individuality and emotion, and convey to the audience the feeling and experience of the image, hence, the artist’s experience too. In the other hand, another form of art is jewelry and metalwork. Unlike painting, jewelry is considered a “low” form of art; nevertheless, its symbolic and cultural meaning makes jewelry a major element in the shape of society. , The reading “Jewelry and its Connotations” is a reflection about the significance and function of jewelry during the years. For example, jewelry as a symbol of love, a...
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