How Are You Paying For Your College Education?

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1. How are you paying for your college education? To pay for my college education I work as a nursing assistant in the summer and breaks. I also work as a home health aide during the school year. I also am taking out loans to pay for the remainder of my college expenses. Before I graduated high school, my dad was injured at work and unable to work for many years. This past year my mom lost her job and was unable to find work for many months. Although both of my parents are currently working, they are unable to help me financially with school. Between the family farm and other expenses, they have expenses to pay. 2. What has been the highlight of your collegiate career while studying Agriculture Education? Although I have not started my Agriculture Education classes, I am looking forward to so many things. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to be in Collegiate FFA and to also be able to be on a Dairy Evaluation team again. The opportunity for me to continue my education in agriculture is a highlight in itself. If someone would have asked me two years ago what I was going to be and what I was going to do with my life, I would have said that I was going to be a nurse in a heartbeat. After some reconsidering and encouragement, I decided that I really wanted to be an agriculture teacher. I always knew I loved agriculture and teaching but I started to realize how much I really loved it. I currently am helping out at a charter school with their garden and environmental education program. I get the opportunity to help teach kindergarten through second grade about agriculture and the environment. It is always a highlight of my day seeing the students and their excitement when we go to the forest of greenhouse. I am so excited... ... middle of paper ... of their growing season. There would be time for them to plant one more crop and get more out of their land at the end of the season. I visited a school who is trying to educate the children and the students on this. I also noticed that farmers do not put up foliage for their animals. During the rainy season they are unable to go out and graze their animals in many areas and when their animals start to get malnourished they can not be milked. With education, I believe these farmers would be able to put up foliage and then in return get milk all year round. Many of these farmers rely on what they farm to feed their family all year round. With education, I believe it would be a start to helping people fight hunger problems around the world. I would love the opportunity to go back and help educate these communities with the knowledge I gain while going to college.
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