How Are Vampires Exist?

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You may have asked, do vampires truly exist? Can the Folklore be real? Can humans become vampires? Vampires came from myths long ago in Europe. Marc Lallanilla in his article “The Real Dracula: Vlad the Impaler,” explains that the myth came from the actions of a historical figure, “The morbid nickname is a testament to the Wallachian prince 's favorite way of dispensing with his enemies”(Lallanilla). The Vampire story came from a prince that impaled his enemies with stakes and actually had a bloodlust. That is a good example of how Vampires can be similar to human beings, because some humans can be the worst vampires there are. There may not be real life vampires that live off eating human blood, but people are a little similar to them. Humans are closely related to the monsters known as vampires, but not when it comes to sucking on human flesh for blood, the similarity is they do horrible acts like murdering someone, polluting the earth, do human trafficking,…show more content…
Vampires may experience being lonely because of not having other people to be around with. That is when they go feeding and turning people into monsters like themselves; furthermore, when a vampire turns someone else into a vampire is like a depressing person just talking negativity to a positive person and that positive person become negative. That is why Vampires are immortal because they never die but they do have weaknesses like getting a stake stabbed through their heart. When it comes to a depressed person that same stake that puts the vampire to rest can be represented as love towards the depressed person that gets stabbed with it and leaves the dead and negative part of them; then they become alive and go away from the negativity leaving their dead spirits behind. Humans have certain addictions in their life like vampires do for

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