How Are Macbeth And Lady Macbeth Presented In Act 2 Scene 2? How Could

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How Are Macbeth And Lady Macbeth Presented In Act 2 Scene 2? How Could

This Be Shown On Stage?

In Act 2 Scene 2 Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are presented in various

ways throughout the scene. This is because of the tense and anxious

nature of the scene. The characters go through a number of changes in

feeling through the scene; these changes will be looked at in detail

in the main body of the essay. This scene takes place immediately

after the murder of Duncan. Meanwhile Lady Macbeth is anxiously

wondering whether Macbeth will really do the deed. When he returns,

covered in blood and highly strung, she organises how to cover up the

murder so that they won't be found out. In this scene we see certain

emotions in the characters, which we haven't seen much of so far, or

in some cases totally new emotions for a character.

At the start of this scene the atomsphere is very tense as Lady

Macbeth waits for here husband to return.

"Hark, peace!"

This shows that at this point that Lady Macbeth is nervous beacuase of

her eratic reaction to the owl. She is worried that Macbeth might not

commit the murder, this is making her nervous; and is shown by her

reaction to the slightest noise.

This is a quick shift in attitude from Lady Macbeth as at the very

beginning of the scene she is feeling in control and powerful.

"The drink that hath made the drunk, hath made me bold;"

This shows that she is feeling powerful because she is saying the

guests and guards have been drugged; so that should make the murder

easier because everyone would have their guard down. I think that

there was a sudden change in her attitude because of the shriek of the

owl, because this was seen as a sign of murder.

When Macbeth enters he is confused because he still has not come to

terms with the murder that he has just committed.

"Who's there? What ho?"

This shows that he is confused because he is asking questions without

waiting for an answer. This also shows that he is worried that someone

has heard him and has come to see what has happened. this is typical

of Macbeth because when he is left alone his conscience gets the

better of he, particually because he was already sceptical about the


Because Macbeth is so panic-striken Lady Macbeth decides that she has

to take control of the situation. She knows that Macbeth is sceptical

about weth...

... middle of paper ...

...yed as a dominant and powerful,

power-hungry person who will do anything to get what she wants. She

comes across as having no conscience apart from one instance, where

she says that she would have killed Duncan herself had he not reminded

her of her father. Macbeth on the other hand comes across as a brave

and loyal person until he agees to the murder of Duncan this is were

Macbeths whole persona changes, he becomes unsure of his actions he is

paranoid and is scared that is actions will catch up with him.

Although he is brave and loyal he has an obvious inablity to say to

his wife, Lady Macbeth. His wife is clearly the dominant figure in the

relationship. Although this might bother him he is unable to do

anything because of having a weaker character. I think that the two

contrasts are what makes the tension inthe scene work in such an

effective manner. I think one of the reasons for this could be that it

was written by William Shakespeare, who was himself was an actor, I

think this is one of the reasons that it works because he knew how to

write the play so the actors would produce a performance that would

convey the continually changing feelings of each character.
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