How Are Bystanders Important To Crime

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Learning about the criminal and victims relationships and bystander response has helped me to expand my knowledge regarding this subject. The relationship between victims and criminals is tense. There has been many debates from each side’s point of view. Some people say that by having relationships with offenders will make you a criminal as well. Bystander plays an important role when trying to solve crimes. Bystander is a person present but not involved in the crime, meaning they are persons who saw what was going on during the crime.
Eyewitnesses play a dynamic and important role when trying to expose the truth about a crime. “Even the most honest and objective people can make mistakes in recalling and interpreting a witnessed event”. (Reno, 1999) Every evidence a witness proves can be critical in sentencing suspected criminals. But yet there is one way to obtain the most accurate and reliable evidence that investigators follow and is to keep an eye on procedures in their investigations. The Technical Working Group for
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Having someone to observe the crime help the police with their investigation on the crime. That is why bystanders are important to policing because it helps the police to identify suspects as well as to give a description of what happened when the crime was committed. The relationship between criminals and victims is very penetrating because having a relationship with criminals can lead to two ways. Either become a criminal as well, or help the criminal to stop committing crimes. The debate is intense and some may or may not agree with a relation between these two. I believe that having a relation with an offender will not make a person an offender as well. Everyone knows what is right or wrong, a criminal might brain wash people to commit crimes, but a criminal cannot make a victim to follow his or her
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