How Antivirus Effects Our Lives

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Antivirus An antivirus is a program used to protect a computer from malware such as virus, Trojan horses, computer worms and other malicious programs. Besides from protecting a computer, the anti-virus offers many solutions to prevent new infections into your computer by scanning emails and files when they are being downloaded. An antivirus program is considered a security strategy. A computer virus is similar to a biological virus; it spreads from one computer to another just as the biological virus spreads from human to human. The computer virus infection is small software that can harm your computer; it disrupts computer function, and corrupts and wipes out data. The spread of a virus can occur in numerous ways. Ways that a virus can spread is through the opening of attachments to emails or other kind of messages, through downloading files from the internet, through visiting unknown websites and through installing un-trusted program files. One unique characteristic about a computer virus that differentiates from other malware is that a computer virus can only spread through human action. The computer virus can be on your computer without you knowing and the computer virus is only effective when you click on the infected program. A Trojan horse is a program that may see and legit software or files but once the program is executed, the damage comes into effect. The damage goes from being small, spamming programs into your computer and can go up to stealing computer data or even destroying and eliminating all information from computer. Through Trojans, computer hackers are able to hack into some one’s unit and remote control the computer. It all takes a simple click, from either you or the hacker to infect the computer. One dif... ... middle of paper ... ...cious programs then it is best to remove unless you are completely sure it will not harm your computer. A way to check id a virus is really a virus, you can upload it to VirusTotal and that program will tell one every detail of the program and define if the program is a virus. It’s really hard to choose the best antivirus solution for your computer. Of course we want the best security to protect our computer from malicious programs, but there are lots of programs to choose from. The criterion to find the best antivirus solution for you is reliability, usability, comprehensive protection and quality of protection. Personally I use Norton Antivirus because it contains multi-layered malware-fighting technology which many other antiviruses don’t have. Multi-layer means that it has protection layers that a virus needs to pass in order to reach and infect the computer.
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