How Americans Have Fought War Throughout History

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War is an art form. Everything from the tactics of battle to the uniforms to the weapons to the soldiers, every part has a certain role to play. From the very beginnings of war, there have been those societies that have excelled. Take the Spartans of ancient Rome. Considered by some as the greatest warriors of all time, these human war machines were bred for war. Boys were taken at young ages and taught the art of war until it became part of their soul. Then there were the Mongols. These fierce Central Asian steppe peoples dominated the Asian mainland for nearly a century. Fast forward a few years and the British Empire takes form, and sea warfare is perfected by the British Royal Navy. Now it seems as though America has become the world standard for military power. In its short history of war, America has employed the use of innovative tactics and controversial strategies, all of which were necessary for American victory. America’s first war, its war for independence included the use of a new strategy. American militia men, knowing they were overwhelmingly outmatched by the British Army, used a form of guerilla warfare in order to defeat the British. The colonists would launch surprise attacks on the unsuspecting British, catching them by surprise and sometimes defeating them (Kraplin 5). This was a step away from the form of warfare the British were used to. There were many other tactics the colonists used that the British were not used to, as well. The militiamen would often hide behind trees and fire upon the British soldiers as they marched by (5). This was also new to the British soldiers, who were used to facing an enemy on an open field, lining up, and firing away. This strategy also fit into the form of a g... ... middle of paper ... ...y of Wisconsin Press, Madison, WI, 1968. Pike, John. "Napalm." N.p., 27 Nov 2005. Web. 23 May 2010. Preston, Anthony, Decisive Battles of the Pacific War. Chartwell Book, Seacus, NJ, 1979. Roth, David E., The Civil War. Quadrillion Publishing. 1992 Simkin, John, Chemical Warfare, n. pag., Web. 14 Mar 2010 Thomson, Sir Robert. War in Peace. London, England: Orbis Publishing Ltd., 1981. 181-168. Print. US Dept. of Energy, . "The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima."US Department of Energy: Office of Heritage and History. US Department of Energy, n.d. Web . 20 May 2010. . Weigley, Russel F., The American Way of War. Indiana University Press. Bloomington, IN, 1973.