How American Operators is Navigating the Difficult Economic Times

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American Operators is in a tough position at the moment but I do believe that as a company united we can get through this downturn in the economy. The Corporate goals that have been put forth are a great starting place for us to get back on the right track. The purpose of the HR department will help in this endeavor as we seek to hire the right people at the right time with the right training. We also need to keep employees motivated during this difficult time as we have great employees who we will need as we start picking up business in the next year. This report will help in understanding how we can go about staffing our company during this time, outsourcing, and also resolve issues in training our employees.
Staffing Issues
In dealing with the issues of staffing over the next five years at American Operators, there is definitely a strategy that needs to be put in place. We need to first assess the composition and capacities of our employees in their current position. We also need to examine certain statistics including resignations, early retirements, promotions, and terminations. Having this information, we can develop an overview of our current staff as it will exist in the next five years. We will also need to perform a demand analysis which will forecast the competencies that will be required by our future workforce for our organization to be successful. In order to do this, we must first try to predict how the nature of the industry will change. Both internal and external influences must be considered in this endeavor. These include strategies, mission, and goals as well as political legislation, economic conditions, technological advances relating to our company, and market competition. With this information ...

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... Employees show greater acceptance if they set their own objectives for their work and recommend training based on their specific needs as it relates to them. The organization must provide a learning environment where employees are motivated to develop new skills, acquire knowledge and strive for self-development. Without management support, staff will not be motivated to upgrade their skills. This includes providing time and resources for them to participate in training. It involves conducting regular follow-up after training with each employee. Employee development must also be a significant aspect of the performance review each time one is conducted. To reduce costs, we can utilize online courses which have made it easier and less costly to train. We can also use other training tools that do not cost anything, such as mentoring, on-the-job training and shadowing.

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