How Amanda is a bad mother

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In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams Amanda’s actions make it clear to the reader that she is an over domineering character. When it came to her children, she would constantly be putting them down and making them feel as if they’re inferior and couldn’t do anything right lead to them being innovation to what their future can open up to. Amanda would always make her children’s decisions for them, not allowing them to be independent for their age. Lastly, has demonstrated that she is irresponsible and puts all her responsibility as a mother to her son Tom. Ultimately Amanda only cared about herself rather than her children. One of Amanda’s strongest characteristics is being domineering. She focuses mainly on their defaults and errors rather than focusing on how to be supportive and properly guide them as a mother. Any achievement her children would accomplish Laura wouldn’t recognize how skilled and their positive traits they can overcome. Amanda was being pessimistic about Laura’s future when Laura dropped business school and planned her future without hesitating to ask her but instantly assumed she was going to end up being an old maid. She didn’t think about any possibilities her daughter can become successful on her own, but instead she fails to recognize that both Laura and Tom can have a second chance to succeed on what their own plans for themselves can become if their mother wasn’t so over controlling. If someone weren’t doing something by choice like Laura it would be difficult and hopeless especially if he was always coerced into doing it. If Amanda’s decisions weren’t concurred the way she wanted it she would always be upset because her children wouldn’t stick to what she had told them to do and wouldn’t be ... ... middle of paper ... ...d intentions for Laura and Tom, she tried to go all about everything in the wrong way. Being a good mother isn’t always about loving your children. But having to encourage them for the best for themselves, their happiness comes first, working hard to maintain them, and letting them follow their dreams. Amanda didn’t possessed in neither of these qualities as a good mother. Amanda was just an old woman wanting to be in a young women’s body, she obviously wasn’t successful in her life so she was lost in her past and what she could have been. She was an irresponsible mother who didn’t let her children to make their own choices in their lives. The best way to describe Amanda is Domineering, to summarize it all up, Amanda Wingfeild was not such a good mother, expecting to much. Not just accepting her children for who they were and loving them for being all they could be.
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