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House, despite having a sexist main character and hardly and characters who are women, is my very favorite television show. When I watch (which, by the way, is every week; religiously), I do so because of the intensity and intrigue of the program. The various medical cases that the show involves keep me on my toes and excited for what is about to happen next. It wasn't until this week, however, that I noticed just how many inequalities and separations there are between men and women in the show.

First of all, the main character of House, Dr. Greg House, is a man. Whether or not the position could be played as either a man or a woman, I do not know. However, I should say that Hugh Laurie, the actor, does a truly remarkable job (he won a Golden Globe last year). On top of being a man, however, House is a very cranky, angry human being. He is bitter to the point of being cold. This aspect of the character makes his interactions and relationships with other characters very interesting at times. He has, in past episodes, turned the only people close to him away, and hurt them very badly. It should be noted that the people I am referring to are women. One was his ex-wife. She was a character for a short time, as she came to work in the same hospital as House. They began to fall in love for a second time, until House's bitterness turned her away again. The other woman who began to move in on house is one of his subordinates.

House has three doctors working under him. Fresh out of medical school, these three fresh young kids are very bright, but aren't that experienced in the medical field yet. Two of the three are men and the other a woman. House does not treat any of them with respect. If one were to analyze just the relationship an...

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... him "which is worse; having a son which you thought was a daughter, or being a homo", in reference to having slept with her.

Having watched House before, I can honestly say that I have never seen this much of a difference between the way the male and the female characters are handled. Occasionally though, the themes of the differences between men and women, and the way they are seen by society, are brought up by the show, as is the case with this episode. I think that the subject this episode tackled might show the epitome of situations in which being man or woman can make a difference. The girl, devastated when she finds out what she truly is, and the father, devastated when he finds out what he has done, proves what we expect from different genders. Obviously things would have been different for both of them had they known about her condition earlier in her life.