Hours of Idleness by Lord Byron

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Lord Byron developed a very different and unique poetry style. He even said it himself, “You have so many divine poems, is it nothing to have written a Human one?” (Byron). His poetic vision was greatly influenced by his life, other poets, and his multiple love affairs. Not only was Lord Byron one of the greatest romanticism era poets, he was also widely known for his contributions in politics. “The Tear” is one of Lord Byron’s earlier pieces and greatly reflects on the type of writer he is and on his personality; by studying this poem, one can conclude that Byron was a poet who developed his own poetry. Byron’s major life events, have led him to write poems relating both romance and realism to real life experiences.
Even though Byron passed away a long time ago, his legacy still lives today. George Gordon Byron was born in 1788 and passed away in 1824 (Byron). He published a lot of work some of which was heavily criticized. His first book of poems was Hours of Idleness published in 1807. The book got very negative reviews and as a result, “Lord Byron published a second book of poems called English Bard and Scottish Reviewers attacking every literary figure in a very sarcastic and ironic tone” (Byron, Lord). Lord Byron did a lot of traveling and as a result he published two cantos or sections of Child Harold’s pilgrimage that were based on his travels and multiple adventures. When he was in Italy, Lord Byron published Manfred, Cain and his most famous unfinished piece Don Juan (English Literature). In between all these major works, he published other poems like She Walks in Beauty and many others, that are still studied all over the world today.
There were many events that influenced Lord Byron’s works. First of all, Byron h...

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