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Table Of contents Pages I. What is a Hotspot? 1 II. Hotspot Volcanism 1 III. What causes Hotspot Volcanoes? 2 IV. Examples and Locations of Hotspots 2 V. What is Tectonic plates? 3 VI. Movement of Tectonic plates Over time 4 VII. Super volcanoes 7 VIII. What makes a volcanoes super? 7 IX. Super volcanoes and Super eruptions 8 X. Super Volcanoes past and present 9-12 I.What is a Hotspot?…show more content…
Tuzo Wilson in 1963, it states that hot spot volcanoes are created by exceptionally hot areas fixed deep below the Earth’s mantle. Recent scientific findings predict that these hot spots may be found at more shallow depths in the Earth’s mantle and may migrate over geologic time rather than being fixed in the same spot. II. HotSpots Volcanism Volcanoes caused as a result of formation of hot spots are called Hot spots volcanism. This kind of volcanoes is different from other volcanoes that occurs usually at the boundaries of Earths tectonic plates, rather it occurs at centers called Mantle Plumes. As the plumes head reaches the lithosphere, it spreads into a mushroom shape that reaches roughly 500 to 1000 kilometers. These mushroom shapes are called diapirs. Most Hot spots volcanoes are Basaltic in nature, so they are less explosive than subduction zone volcanoes. III. What causes HotSpot Volcanoes? According to the still prevailing theory, most of it not all hotspots are believed to be the result of mantle plumes – bodies of warmer , and thus lighter material within that rises by…show more content…
About 74,000 years ago, Toba erupted and ejected several thousand times more material than erupted from Mount St. Helens in 1980. Some researchers think that Toba 's ancient super eruption and the global cold spell it triggered might explain a mystery in the human genome. Our genes suggest we all come from a few thousand people just tens of thousands of years ago, instead of from a much older, bigger lineage as the fossil evidence testifies. Both could be true if only a few small groups of humans survived the cold years following the Toba eruption. 5. Taupo Caldera Taupo Caldera is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The World 's 6 Known Supervolcanoes Photo: Erick Opena New Zealand 's Taupo caldera has been filled by water, creating what many describe as one of the world 's most beautiful landscapes, but the lake itself was created by a massive eruption 26,500 years ago. The caldera — the collapsed and subsided basin left after the huge eruption became today 's lake. But Taupo is not dead. The 485-square-mile caldera let loose again in the year A.D. 181, with estimates of ash and magma reaching as high as 22 cubic miles. Today, there are plenty of signs of current volcanic activity in the form of hot springs and venting. 6. Aira

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