Hot Import Nights

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Car shows and race events are probably the largest forms of gatherings in America. People will spend all their money and drive long distances to show off their precious vehicle. Countless hours are spent cleaning, waxing, and prepping for a show quality finish. Hot Import Nights (HIN) is the largest car meet in the United States. Its flashy set-up and eye catching themes keep car enthusiasts craving for more all year long. This show is mainly for the younger group because they are the biggest spenders of products to modify their automobiles. Many would be disappointed if this ever ended. I support Hot Import Nights one-hundred percent because of the activities and product it brings to so many people. HIN is brought to just about every major city in the United States so that no one is left out. It’s a great chance for every one of all ages to get out and have some fun. As long as there is a passion for cars in their hearts it will be the most fun they have all year. Since there is so many people there from all over its amazing how different people are; social class, wealth, race, or gender doesn’t affect how people look at each other here, it is all about the cars. NOTHING else all year will give anyone a better chance to bond with dad than to spend a weekend with cars and just hang out. Most people go in large groups ranging anywhere from five friends all the way up to a hundred car crazed maniacs. It is very easy to find someone to go with, so nobody has an excuse not to go! HIN holds many events over its weekend to keep everyone entertained. There are several drag races for a wide variety of cars and prizes given to the winners. The great thing about HIN is that anyone can enter their car in the show event. Usually ranging from about 500-1000 cars brought just by locals, people love showing off their car to everyone that stops by. Just as the drag races, the show events give out many awards for having the wildest looking car and the craziest interior. Many people will just walk around during show events and talk to others with the same type of car as them. It’s a great chance to learn a lot about their car that they probably would have never found out.

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