Hospitality Service Essay

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Is the marketing of hospitality services different to marketing for other goods and services? Yes, marketing of hospitality services is completely different from marketing for other goods. When it comes to marketing of hospitality services managers must understand the wants, needs, and demands of their customers, what the market offers, value and satisfaction, and the market. Needs, wants and demands are the basic concepts of the market. Human needs are a state of felt deprivation such as physical needs for food, clothing, safety, and warmth. As well as social need such as belonging affection, excitement and relaxation. Wants tie into needs because our wants is how we communicate our needs. Our wants also become our demands because it is back…show more content…
One of the biggest cost for hospitality customers is time. Managers want their customers to enjoy themselves and not worry some much about how much time it’s going to take to get check in at a hotel or be seated at a restaurant. Customers also want companies to meet there expectations for them to be satisfied. In order, to achieve customer satisfaction the product performance must meet the consumers expectation if the performance is great consumers are delighted, but if it isn’t great consumers are unsatisfied. Managers much realize the importance of creating a highly satisfied customer. “Marketing occurs when people decide to satisfy needs and wants through exchange. Exchange is the act of obtaining a desired object form someone by offering something in return. Marketing consists of actions taken to build and maintain desirable exchange relationships with target markets. Beyond simply attracting new customers and creating transactions, the goal is to retain customers and grow their business with the company. Marketers want to build strong relationships by consistently delivering superior customer value”…show more content…
Intangible products are the services which aren’t physical they cannot be seen, felt, touched, or smelt. Hospitality services are based on experience. For service marketers have steps in order to give customers a prospective of what service they will receive. They are called tangible evidence. Such as promotional material, service firms, and employees appearance. As physical evidence it can hut a business if not managed properly. A service organization should review every piece of physical evidence to make sure it delivers there desired image. In order, for service to be inseparable both employee and customer are part of the product. A customer can have an amazing meal at a restaurant, but if the servicer is rude and doesn’t provide good service customer will not be satisfied with their experience. Both have to go together for the service being provided to be
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