Hospital Audit Essay

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Types of audits in Hospital: • Prescription Audit • Financial Audit • Quality Audit • Mortality Audit • Third Party Audit • Internal Audit • Clinical Audit Different types of auditing are done in the hospitals to check the veracity of the records and to check the adherence of the organisation to the rules laid. Prescription audit: Prescription audit consists of study of the prescriptions that are prescribed by the doctors to study the patterns of drugs prescribed and weather they follow the guidelines that are put forth by the organisation. Prescription audits are useful in generating data on morbidity, which forms the basis for preparing the list of essential medicines. Mechanisms necessary for improving prescription practices are suggested. Financial audit: Financial audit of a hospital include audit of…show more content…
A quality audit is also used to determine whether or not the hospital is operating in compliance with rules such as medical laws and regulations etc. A quality audit distinguishes itself from a financial audit in that the primary objective of the financial audit is to verify the integrity and accuracy of the accounting methods used within the organization. Mortality audit: This is a detailed assessment of all the patients that have died in the hospital. Information is collected from the hospital records. The various reasons for the death are noted down. This helps in finding where the problem lies and help improve the area of care. Internal audit: Internal audit is done by a selected team within the organisation. The trained staff not directly responsible for what is being audited are recruited to conduct the internal audit. The various records that are reviewed in an internal audit are procedures and policies, training records, observation of process etc. Third party
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