Horror Movie Essay

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Joy and excitement of watching a horror film is a incredible feeling. Many people ask what is the point of watching a horror movie if the only thing it does is scare you and not make you happy? That is not true people love to watch horror movies because they entertainment a scary movie has is always fun to enjoy. Everyone from teenagers to adults enjoy scary movies, because scary movies are the ones that tend to keep your attention the whole time you are sitting in a movie theater. There is also a lot of excitement when watching horror movie, because you never know when something will happen when the movie starts to play. The most important thing that horror movie do would have to be the effects it has on the human not only physically but…show more content…
It doesn’t matter if its teenagers or adults everyone will make time to watch a scary movie, and that is because they are so fun and they never disappoint. People rarely walk out of a movie theater being disappointed that the scary movie wasn’t scary or that it didn’t scare enough people. Teenagers are the most entertain when they go watch a movie, because they always go with a group of friends and when something scary happens and one of them gets scared they have a good laugh about it and make a few jokes. That is one of the reasons why teenagers keep going back to watching horror films, because they have a good time watching them. In “ Why we love scary movies” by Richard Sine, he mentions “ Defenders of these movies may say they’re just harmless entertainment.” People in general will agree with what Richard Sine says because really who sees horror films as something serious everyone goes and watch those kind of movies to have a good laugh and be entertained, and get a little scare into…show more content…
When watching a scary movie some people like the feeling that the horror movie makes there body get. One of the effect is has would have to be the brain like Sharon Begley explains in “ Why our brains love horror movies” “We seek out something that’s going to be exciting for us, because our nervous system requires periodic revving, just like a good muscular engine,” a example to what Sharon said was that when we watch a horror we usually go to close our eyes or we try to cover them with the hands. And its not that we are thinking about doing it our brain takes it as a extinct to cover the eyes to avoid watching the scary scene that comes out in the horror movie. Another big effect it has on the body will be that scary movies make heart beats go faster and it makes people breathe harder and that’s because the person is getting scared and doesn’t have a clue what’s going to be the next thing that pops up in the movie. Now for the physical effect horror movies have on people will be the way everyone jumps up from the seats once they get scared but not only that people also scream from the top of their lungs when they become
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