Horror Film Phobias

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Are you someone who loves a good scare? Are horror movies your favorite thing to watch? Well, then your just like me. I’ve always been a fan of horror movies, but I’ve never realized that they can affect you more than just a jump scare. I love that most horror films are predictable in a way that still scares you even though you know it’s coming or when you think the main character is going to die and, yet they figure their way out just to die in the end. According to Encyclopedia Britannica horror movies are defined as, “motion pictures calculated to cause intense repugnance, fear, or dread. Horror films may incorporate incidents of physical violence and psychological terror; they may be studies of deformed, disturbed, psychotic, or evil characters;…show more content…
A common long-term effect that horror movies cause is developing phobias. These phobias are grouped into 5 categories including animals, environmental, blood, injections, or injuries, situational, and disturbing sounds or distorted images. Having an animal phobia means you have a fear of animals, insects, reptiles, animal-like aliens, ect. Having an environmental phobia means you have a fear of fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, water, nuclear holocausts, and other environmental threats. Having a blood, injections, or injuries phobia means you have a fear of blood, gore, injury, pain, wounds, needles, and other physical threats to living things. Having a situational phobia means you have a fear of heights, enclosed spaces, and limited situations like doctors’ offices. Having a disturbing sounds or distorted images phobia means you have a fear of loud noises, distorted faces, ect. The most frequently reported phobia developed from watching horror movies at 65% is the blood, injections, or injury phobia but disturbing sounds or distorted images phobia is the other common type of phobia from watching scary shows at 60%. Then, it’s situational at 33%, animal at 12% and environmental at…show more content…
Well, that is one of the mental effects horror movies can cause. Watching horror causes your brain to over analyze things and trick you into thinking things or acting that you would normally would not think or act. After watching horror movies most peoples’ minds trick them into seeing shapes, faces, people, animals, ghosts ect. in the shadows causing them to turn on lights. People also experience noises that aren’t there or are but they have a simple explanation such as when you think you hear someone calling your name, the house creaking, wind whistling though the trees, your animal bumping into something, you neighbor slamming a door, a car driving by, ect. What ever the cause these noises and sounds are just your mind over exaggerating the little everyday
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