Horatio And Laerte As A Cycle Of Revenge

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William Shakespeare's Hamlet illustrates the inevitable cycle of revenge as the characters are drawn into a whirlpool that they cannot escape. In this play, the readers witness the power of death and the wavering resolution that acts as a domino effect. The first one to fall into this despair is the protagonist, Hamlet, which affect both directly and indirectly those around him. Horatio, Hamlet’s best friend from school, becomes his only ally who knows of Hamlet’ schemes and miseries. While Laertes becomes Hamlet’s enemy when the protagonist inadvertently kills Laertes’ father thinking he was King Claudius, Hamlet’s subject of revenge, when he was eavesdropping on Hamlet. Another important character in this play is Fortinbras, who seeks revenge on behalf of his father’s honors, who equalizes the two contradictory characters of Horatio and Laertes. Through these three characters, who are different in nature, Shakespeare develops these three characteristics in order to highlights Hamlet’s weaknesses. As the only one that Hamlet trusts, Horatio provide a contrast to Hamlet while remaining true to himself. Hamlet trusts Horatio implicitly; he confides in Horatio and exalts him as “e’en as just a man / As e’er my conversation coped withal” (III.ii.50-1). His character is relatively simple compare to the rest of the characters in Hamlet. Not only is Horatio the guiding hand that helps Hamlet through his revenge, Horatio is also the shadow that stabilizes Hamlet when needed. The audience first encounters Horatio’s knowledge when Hamlet makes up his mind to follows the ghost of King Hamlet, "Why, what should be the fear? I do not set my life at a pin's fee, and for my soul, what can it do to that"? (I.iv.71-73). Even though he could no... ... middle of paper ... ...on, the ther provokes his urge for revenge, and a spark to the plot. In the end, both Horatio and Laertes are decent young men who only wish for the best of their loved ones. At the end of the play, both of these characters become the key players that ends this play in that of both the tragic and valor of revenge. In addition, Shakespeare creates Horatio, Laertes and Fortinbras as the foils to Hamlet's character and the persona that he have to choose in his approach to avenge his father. Together, these three reveals Hamlet’s flaw as a conflicting protagonist that needs to choose his conscience or his primitive instinct and finding the balance to put a closure to his father’s death. Without the polarity of Horatio and Laertes together with the equalizing Fortinbras, Hamlet would be lost in his conscience and will be unable to make the final step of his retribution.

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