Hope And Dream Essay: Hopes And Dreams

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Hopes and Dreams Arnold is face with so many hardships in his life: poverty, hunger, and bullying, race, alcohol abuse. I think from the beginning he feels worthless also he feels like there is no hope on the reservation, he seems to feel depressed about his life. It just devastated him even more after they put down his favorite dog, which was always a part of his life. After feeling very depressed he decides to see his only friend on the reservation, which was Rowdy. A very mean stocky kid, which has a bad temper, not afraid to fight anyone who picks on Arnold. When they started the new year at the Wellpinit high school on the Spokane Indian Reservation, Junior attends his geometry class to find out that the book was a very old textbook,…show more content…
P had shared with him, now Arnold wants to continue his education. Arnold still gets bullied by the captain of the football team Roger, but one day Arnold stands up to Roger and he punches him in the face sending him to the ground. The after the whole fight scene, Arnold gets his respect from Roger the person that pick-on him at Reardan high. I think in away it give him the confidence to feel proud of himself, as he continues to feel proud of himself, he than meets Penelope a white beautiful blond girl that takes his breath away. Arnold sees her as the most beautiful girl in the school, he continues to talk to her, tell one day she falls for him. He was astonish by it, because she was out of his lead, way to beautiful for him, but she ends up going to the high school dance with him. Between all that he also makes it to the high school basketball team as a varsity player, which was a big accomplishment for him. With that alone he feels more confident about himself, more alive than he ever felt at his old school Wellpinit High
School. With all this happening around him his self-esteem has peak very high that he is also doing very well in his education. Towards the end of the book he becomes a starting five for

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