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CHAPTER ONE Eleanor First day of school. Not my most typical way of spending sunny Tuesday mornings. But to be honest, I was dying to know who was in my class this year. Our school is different because we have a gifted arts school that has both elementary and high school. Last year I was with Veronica and Caroline majoring in acting. Brianna was in drawing and Sofia was in music. Every year, the principal gives this long speech about how our school has “grown” by the years. And then, we get our lists. Our lists shows what our majoring arts program is, who our teacher is and our schedule. By the time the principal was done her speech, she went from the oldest grade to the youngest. Grade 9 was fourth to go. We all stood on the outdoor auditorium as she handed out our sheets. “I’m majoring in dance!” I heard Sofia shriek. “Me too!” said Brianna. I looked down at my sheet and said “Me three!” This is going to be awesome. I’m with half of my best friends, in one of my favourite subjects, and I have an amazing teacher. Best year ever. Once we got into the classroom, we chose our spots. Sofia, Brianna and I sat together alongside with this girl named Zendaya. Zendaya is a super hot blonde girl who wore Marc Jacobs heels everyday. Her family was rich… and super hot. We decided to let her sit with us because well better her than some slut. “You’re Eleanor right? I heard about you, congratulations on that music award. You deserved it.” Zendaya said. “I’m pretty sure you mean Sofia, not Eleanor.” I nervously said. “Sweetie, I think I mean Eleanor.” she innocently said to me with a smirk. After that, our teacher Mrs. Murray took attendance. Everyone was at school today. “Okay class, our first project of the ... ... middle of paper ... ...eft. “We still have time for two more classes at school. We should head back now,” Eleanor said. We met my mom back at the waiting room, and I told her that Caroline was fine. We walked back to the car, and we drove back to school. My friends and I were talking about school, but I kind of zoned out and stared out the window until something caught my attention. Chapter 6 The ‘Helper’ “Why did you mess that up? All of them have probably seen you already!” said a voice. “You’re going to blow our cover!” The figure beside the speaker elbowed them in the ribs. “Hey, don’t scold her like that. It’s a good thing, really. Think about it, they’ll be worried sick. Give them a few days and we’ll scare the shit out of them.” “Considering everything goes according to plan…” “Hoods, guys, really. I’m sorry.” I said to them “That won’t cut it,” responded the first hood.
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