Honors Literary Analysis Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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Honors Literary Analysis May 22, 2014 Name: ____Kelsey Moraws______________ Title: ___All Quiet on the Western Front__ Author: ____Erich Maria Remarque____________________ Genre: __war______ Setting (ANALYZE the time period, geographical location, historical/social context) This location of the story in this novel is almost entirely on the battlefield and it doesn’t talk much about anywhere else except home. Their lives in the trenches is ‘trench-erous’ ha (treacherous). It is muddy, bloody, unsanitary and definitely not pleasant. This all occurs 1917-17 during World War I on the German/French battlefield. Character Analysis (Select ONE important character to ANALYZE.) The narrator (up until the last paragraph) and main character, Paul Baumer was a 19 year old soldier in the German army in World War I who was born May 11, 1896 in Germany. Paul was a typical teenage boy, who didn’t have many life experiences went into the army and into war. After seeing war, he was changed. He saw things he had never seen before and experienced tragedies he had never experienced before. After all that he went through, he was scarred. He said it had changed him where if he had seen his own father coming at him, he would’ve shot him also. Paul cared about other people, for example in the beginning of this novel he let a younger soldier curl up to him because he was afraid and he covered him with the helmet. Paul died October of 1918 in peace with a calm expression on his worn face. Conflict (Problem – underline your action verb. No names – no plot elements.) A man struggles to survive a dangerous situation Conflict Resolution (How was the problem resolved? Refer back to your conflict statement.) The dangerous situation consumes his life ... ... middle of paper ... ...h, I suppose, also makes it more tragic. If only this was a dark fantasy that exists only in the writer's imagination. (195 words) My response to the critique - 100 – 200 words (show word count) this should be 100% original. I agree! The realness of the events causes the whole novel to be much more tragic indeed. War tends to be over romanticized and making the people that serve in it thought of as “heroic, honorable and selfless” when in actuality they might’ve been “scared, helpless and human.” There is a lot of despair and sorrow in this book as the narrator watches everyone around him die and in the end die himself. It was tragic to see for a change the main character come to an end. I was thinking to myself after I closed the book, “No! The main character never dies!” It was overall a good book although the language was tough to get through. (118 words)

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