Honor Vs Honor In Othello

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Reputation and honor are two different things. They often are the difference between appearance and reality. Reputation is other people's opinions of you, while honor is a high respect. In the play, Othello, a character named Iago has a great reputation; however, he has no real honor. He is able to manipulate and shame other people without hurting his own reputation. In the play there are many examples of when he appears to be something, but really he is being the opposite.He talks badly about Othello to Roderigo and then talks badly of Roderigo to Othello.He also acts as Cassio’s friend and tells him to talk to Desdemona. In addition, he lies to Desdemona when she comes to him for help with her husband. Iago was able to manipulate each one of these people and in the end ruin his honor. In the beginning of the play Iago first shows his dishonesty and untrustworthiness when he talks badly of Roderigo and Othello behind their backs. At first he is ranting about Othello to Roderigo, telling him how he -hated Othello and how “the moor” didn’t deserve to have such a good life (Act I, scene i, lines 8-34). Him and Roderigo go to Othello’s father in law’s house and make a scene. They insult Othello and call him many racial names. Once Brabantio comes out, they tell him that Othello had kidnapped his daughter. They have made Othello seem like a bad person and tried to ruin his marriage. Meanwhile, Iago makes his way to Othello’s and starts talking about how annoying Roderigo is and how he wants to kill him (Act I, scene ii, lines 1-19). Iago tells Othello that Brabantio wants to end the marriage and he is coming there to find him. Iago plays both sides in this scene and is able to gain the trust of Roderigo, Brabantio, and Othello. He h... ... middle of paper ... ...e on the outside. On the inside Iago has NO honor. Overall, Iago has a wonderful reputation. It has been made from his fake personality towards other people. In reality he is not a honorable person at all. He doesn’t help others, he talks badly of them, and tries to ruin their reputations. The only person who knows some of the true Iago is his wife, Emilia, and he never lets her speak about it. All of his actions say that his honor is fake. He has earned his “honor” from his reputation, but neither are truthful. Iago is the person that everyone likes, but when once they know who he is that change their mind. His pare in the play emphasizes how different appearances and reality can be. Iago appears to be one thing, but in reality he is not who he seems to be. Iago doesn’t deserve his reputation and he has stole the reputations of others; he is not an honorable man.

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