Honor Killing Essay

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Throughout each country there is a variety of culture and religion. In each religion consists of the systematic patterns of beliefs, values, and behavior acquired by people as a member of their society. Although each religion has its very own different belief there is a couple that in counter with the spree of honor killing. Honor killing, also known as customary killing, is the when a murder has occurred in a family or clan member by one or more fellow family members, in which the community believes the victim to have had brought dishonor upon the community. News events within these countries discuss several horrific crimes relating the belief in murdering a person that cause any kind of shame as an honor to their family or community. However these crimes should be prohibited disregarding these cultural and religious doings because it is not a divine right to take another living person’s life away without punishment.
This article titled “My daughter deserved to die for falling in love” by Afif Sarhan and Caroline Davies is a horrid story in overseas about a young 17 year old student Rand Abdel-Qader whom was beaten to death by her own father, Ali Abdel-Qader. He confessed to the killing without hesitation because in his eyes Rand had caused so much shame to the family it was herself that inflicted her own reasoning of death. She was deemed to have brought shame on her family after becoming infatuated with a British soldier named Paul. Rand didn’t get to enjoy her teenage life or to have even reached her adult life. She died a virgin not having a true experience of real love. When her mother witnessed her only daughter become brutally beaten by her father she ran to call her two sons to help stop their crazed father but instead ...

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...norance and disregard of morals and laws, which cannot be abolished except by disciplinary punishments.
It goes without saying that people are not entitled to take the law in their own hands, for it’s the responsibility of the Muslim State and its concerned bodies to maintain peace, security, etc., and to prevent chaos and disorder from creeping into the Muslim society.”
Moreover, the eminent Muslim scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hanooti, member of the North American Fiqh Council, adds:
“In Islam, there is no place for unjustifiable killing. Even in case of capital punishment, only the government can apply the law through the judicial procedures. No one has the authority to execute the law other than the officers who are in charge.
Honor killing could be a wrong cultural tradition. It is unjust and inhumane action. The murderer of that type deserves punishment.”
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