Honor Code In Richard Dawkins 'The Selfish Gene'

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I’m going to answer these here because I can. ♞ : Do you have a strict honor code? I don’t. I’m somewhat of a classical liberal, inasmuch as you can apply such labels to me, for I believe people should be able to do what they wish unless it is the initiation of force against others. ♧ : Is fate something you believe in? As Robert Wright once stated, “we do not live in a monocausal world.” Each event has several other previous ones you could name as causes. When it comes to the future life of each human being, it is highly dependent on factors outside of our control such as genetic makeup, upbringing and environment, which might hinder your capacity to achieve all you want in life. Furthermore, even the very objects of our desires is not…show more content…
Or would you mind your own business? I am quite wont to do that; nevertheless, I would not call it “sacrificing myself,” for reasons outlines in Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene. ✿ : Do you feel a strong connection to any of the seasons? Why? I am from Brazil, therefore I have not yet experienced any temperate season apart from winter in Florida. ✧ : What do you think the meaning of life is? Such thing as a meaning of life is inherently subjective, inasmuch as meaning itself depends upon intelligent and conscious beings to exist. My own personal meaning cannot be put more eloquently than in these words, by Richard Dawkins: Ironically, some theists claim that without God, there is no meaning to life – when for me, the fact that the whole universe around us, and especially the living beings, which are the most complex machinery in the known world, have not been created by intelligent design, but rather are merely a product of lifeless, purposeless matter, energy and laws of Physics doing what they do, and that everything we see ultimately came from utter and downright nothingness, fills me with wonder and astonishment towards existence itself and gives me my

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