Honhruck Case Study

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Action #1: Training in project management. As stated in the case, these organizations were at different levels of project management maturity, including two of them that were “clueless” about project management. As their goal was to implement an enterprise project management methodology, training in project management represent the first step in this endeavor. It will also help them to create a general and common understanding of what project management is and how it should be implemented, as the other tow companies that knew and implemented project management, exert their implementation in a different way.
Action #2: Adapt the methodology according to the PM maturity level of each company. Currently, Honicker was working to implement their
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Organizational culture is key in project management and in any merge process, as it will dictate the parameters in which an organization preforms. In the case of Honicker and its merge process, organizational culture has a tremendous importance, as it regulates the way in which this organizations execute in regular basis and how they interact with their clients and stakeholders. Schein (2010) stated: “culture is an abstraction”. It can be argued then that even when companies are working in the same market, the way in which they actually do business might (most probably) be different. In any merge process organizational culture plays a pivotal role as it might signify the success of complete failure of the process. Honicker appears to be a mature organization in project management; nevertheless, the other four companies, along with their PM immaturity, possess cultures that showed little commitment to Honicker’s goals (which after the merge were their goals as well), a different teamwork approach, and a selfish engagement to the “common” endeavor. One of the main reasons why this situation happened was because of the different cultures that characterized each organization. If these cultural issues continue, the merge is most likely to end up being a failure, as the acquired organizations will not be able to perform in accordance to Honicker’s standards and
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