Honey Case Study

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Scientist have showed that at least on sixty species of bacteria honey has powerful anti-bacterial properties unlike some antibiotics, which are ineffective on certain types of bacteria. Since ancient times by many religious faiths and recorded in ancient scriptures the importance of honey have been praised. The pH of honey lies between 3.2 and 4.5, the growth of many bacteria is ceased as a result of it acidic pH.

The medical literature on treating wounds with honey has been reviewed recently in specialist wound-care journals, with a focus on the medical evidence (Molan, 1998) and with a focus on the clinical aspects (Molan, 1998). In the numerous reports in the medical literature on the use of honey as a wound dressing the types of wounds on which honey has been successfully used are very varied. Of particular note are the successful uses of honey to treat Fournier's gangrene (Subrahmanyam,1993) a rapidly spreading infection that is usually managed by aggressive surgical removal of infected tissue which are difficult to treat because they are in a position where it is difficult to prevent infection occurring. Also application of honey to wounds especially to chronic wound has been seen to heal faster unlike when some antibiotics are used. (Watts, R; Frehner, E, 2017). However, the therapeutic effects of the honey that have been observed has proven effective on different types
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