Honesty In Relationships

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I 've noticed a sad trend. Too many people are learning unhealthy ways of being in relationships from their family, friends, and other sources. What 's worse is that often they don 't even realize how their behavior in the relationship is driving their partner away.

Have you learned unhealthy ways of being in relationships? Are you making big mistakes that can drive your partner away? Read on to learn five of the most common mistakes I 've seen on a day to day basis. And if you recognize a mistake that you are currently making, make sure you take action on the tips to avoid a future breakup with someone you love.

1. Putting Your Happiness In Your Partner 's Hands

When you are upset, do you handle the situation yourself or do you expect
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Not Allowing True Honesty In Your Relationship

Why is being dishonest one of the biggest mistakes that can drive your partner away? Because honesty is not only powerful in an intimate relationship, it is expected. Your partner expects you to be the one person who doesn 't lie to them. Your partner expects you to be your real self and share yourself.

When you lie, even if it is a small lie, you create a wave of distrust in the relationship. The more waves you create, the harder it is to keep the relationship steady. Eventually, if you create enough waves, your relationship will tip over and your partner will leave you to find a steadier relationship.

I had one person tell me that they didn 't want to look bad in their partner 's eyes, so that 's why they lied to them. That 's a bunch of crap. The truth is that your partner knows you are not perfect because they are not perfect. They have signed up for a crazy thing called 'life ' where failures are made, mistakes happen, and imperfections are common. And they have signed up to share that life with you! If you can 't be honest with them about your failures, mistakes, and imperfections, then they will feel like something is off, and it could cost you your
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