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Honduras Have you ever wanted to travel to a beautiful country far from where your at now. To visit a land full of many different customs and where culture is put into a whole new perspective. Well if this is what you have dreamed of take your Spanish class and fly or drive down to a friendly neighbor Honduras! Now lets learn about our travel. "Size And Population" About 90% of the population is mestizo (people of Spanish and Native American ancestry); the remainder are Native Americans, blacks, and whites. The population is about 60% rural. In 1995 the estimated population was 5,968,000. "Physical Landscape And Location" Except for two coastal strips, Honduras is a plateau, consisting of broad, fertile plains broken by deep valleys, and traversed by mountain ranges in a northwestern to southwestern direction. Most of the country's rivers drain to the Atlantic Ocean. Forests cover about 31% of the land. "Culture And Customs" The Native American and Spanish strains in Honduran cultural history is visible in the awesome architecture. Fine Arts in Comayagua, the old capital has long been a custom to our southern neighbors. in northwestern Honduras is a ceremonial center of the Old Empire of the Maya and one of the most important archaeological sites in the entire western hemisphere. "Type Of Government" ...

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