Honda Karizma Case Study

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At the time of its launch in 2003, the Hero Honda Karizma was a revelation in the Indian motorcycle market. Finally, there was a motorcycle with enticing engine capacity, good power figures and Honda's reliability. The karizma has been the bread and butter of the long distance adventure biker since its launch,with hero making minor cosmetic changes here and there.For many years the bike continued to hold its own against its main rival the pulsar 220 but was clearly getting old among its competition and was in desperate need of an upgrade. Finally, after Hero's split from Honda, they have launched a completely revamped version of the Karizma. Some like it, some don't, but everyone seems to have an opinion on it. Here is what i found during the day i spent with the new ZMR. We took it on an 80 km round trip to Chimmoni dam in Thrissur,Kerala. It is a good mix of…show more content…
I really like the torquey engine that makes riding in heavy, crawling traffic, down the deserted highway and everything in between so easy.It does have some niggles and annoyances but for Rs 1.1 lakh, the ZMR looks like a good deal. Hero MotoCorp has taken effort in updating the new Karizma ZMR with revamped styling and changes to the engine.Though the design is better than its predecessor, it still isn’t the most visually pleasing motorcycle. It’s the same case in terms of performance, because even though the power has gone up, it could have done with better refinement as well. At around Rs 1.15 lakh on road, you get the cheapest full faired motorcycle currently on sale and a decent tourer. There's also the huge service network and good resale that comes with buying a Hero product. Even though the new Hero Karizma ZMR is a good motorcycle, it isn't as big an improvement over the bike it replaces. And with the current crop of competition,with the likes of the cbr and dukes, it needed to be.So there it is guys. The all new Karizma ZMR. Ride within your limits and always wear a
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